Litchfield Caravans

Litchfield Caravans

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Let the Good Times Roll!

Exploring the great Australian outdoors can be truly exciting especially if you can spend more time on the road while making all the necessary stops in the most breathtaking spots. This allows you to experience nature up-close and discover wonders you have never seen before.

Home Comforts Even on the Road

Imagine how even more exhilarating it could be travelling around the country while enjoying the comforts of home aboard a recreational trailer van customised to your specifications. Forget about making hotel reservations or booking inns or pension houses to stay the night in towns and cities you pass by along the way. 

Think Litchfield Caravans in Campbellfield, Victoria. Get behind the wheel and let the adventures begin. Feel truly at home on the road from now on.

Build One to Your Liking

Get in touch with us today so we can talk about the caravan amenities you have in mind. Focusing on comfort, quality, and long-lasting durability, we build caravans to your specifications. 

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service, we make sure that you always get the best-in-class motor home you deserve. Call us to request a free quote or estimate today.

Make Caravans Last Longer

We also upgrade and repair existing caravans. If you wish to request much-needed maintenance services, contact us. We would be delighted to make arrangements for such. 

Speak to our customer service staff to discuss rates and other inclusions. Litchfield Caravans also works with automotive dealers. For more information, call us.